Crystal Meth: Drug of Death

Crystal Meth: Drug of Death Popularity of TV programs like Breaking Bad or the film Half Nelson have spotlighted the rise of crystal methamphetamine use. First discovered in 1919, use

Miss Cleo of Science: Predicting Substance Abuse

Miss Cleo of Science: Substance Abuse Scientists are not psychics, as the popular TV soothsayer Miss Cleo claimed to be. Advances in preventative medicine have helped doctors learn to sight

Addiction: What does it look like?

Addiction: What does it look like? For all the talk about addiction and its negative effects in the media, people still have a hard time answering one question. At what

Suicide and Substance Abuse

Suicide and Substance Abuse: A Deadly Marriage Public awareness of the deadly effects of substance abuse and addiction has helped millions of addicts seek treatment. A popular misconception, however, is

Kicking an addiction? Replace it with joy, expert advises in new book

People in the midst of alcohol or drug addiction tend to imagine life without those substances as one of deprivation, which can make kicking the habit seem like a joyless

Patient Resources

National Alliance on Mental Illness San Fernando Valley: Mental Illness Resources ;What to Do if You Have a Problem With Your Mental Health Coverage The date the problem happened or